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January 19, 2021

Collect Phone Numbers Only

We just rolled out a major update that will now allow you to collect phone numbers through our entry forms without having to also ask for an email address. As more and more companies push to grow their SMS lists, we understand there is not always a need to ask a user for their email address. You can now build any campaign and ask for just a phone number, or ask for more information like phone, name, and address, without requesting an email address.

Soon we will also be rolling out 3rd party integrations with a number of SMS providers that you will be able to connect to in order to pass phone numbers through to your SMS lists.

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December 31, 2020

Contest Video Thumbnails

You can now change the thumbnails for videos directly uploaded to your contest. Navigate to the Moderate tab on your contest, find the video you want to change the thumbnail for and click on it.

On the right side, insert the time (in seconds) of where you want the video thumbnail to be pulled from. We'll show a preview of that thumbnail. You can then close out as it will automatically save it as the new thumbnail for the video.

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December 23, 2020

ViralSweep Captcha

*This is an experimental feature in beta that is currently only offered in English*

We've rolled out our own captcha feature as an added protection to your entry forms. Nowadays, many captcha services like Google's Recaptcha (which we currently offer) are easily beaten by bots, and 3rd party services which employ human solvers.

ViralSweep Captcha will provide the user with a variety of emojis that they'll have to choose from. Each user will have a different objective, such as picking from faces, flags, animals, cars, or a variety of other objects. We employ a number of security measures to ensure the captcha cannot be easily solved by bots or 3rd party services implementing human solvers.

This feature can be found under Edit > Pre-Entry: Forms > ViralSweep Captcha.

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December 23, 2020

Autocomplete Address

We've rolled out an address autocomplete feature that you can now add to your entry form. This will help improve conversion rates when collecting addresses by speeding up the time it takes to complete the entry form, while also ensuring data accuracy.

This feature can be enabled under Edit > Pre-entry: Forms > Autocomplete Address

Please note: This feature currently only supports addresses within the United States.

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December 23, 2020

Entry Verification Codes

As an added protection for campaigns, you can now require that users input a verification code to complete their entry. When this feature is enabled, users will submit the form, then receive a verification code via email which they must input into the form to complete the entry process.

This feature is available on the Business and Premium Plan.

You can enable this feature under Edit > Advanced > Verification Codes

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December 23, 2020

Sender Authentication

We've now rolled out Sender Authentication for all campaign types and features that send emails. We highly recommend authenticating your domain if you plan to send any emails from ViralSweep to ensure deliverability. This feature will authenticate your domain for the following emails that are sent:

- Email Notifications

- Refer a friend emails

- Instant Win Prize Emails

- Instant Win Loser Emails

- Milestone Prize Emails

- Shopify Purchases Email

- Bigcommerce Purchases Email

You can find this feature on any campaign under Edit > Advanced > Sender Authentication

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