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December 23, 2020

ViralSweep Captcha

*This is an experimental feature in beta that is currently only offered in English*

We've rolled out our own captcha feature as an added protection to your entry forms. Nowadays, many captcha services like Google's Recaptcha (which we currently offer) are easily beaten by bots, and 3rd party services which employ human solvers.

ViralSweep Captcha will provide the user with a variety of emojis that they'll have to choose from. Each user will have a different objective, such as picking from faces, flags, animals, cars, or a variety of other objects. We employ a number of security measures to ensure the captcha cannot be easily solved by bots or 3rd party services implementing human solvers.

This feature can be found under Edit > Pre-Entry: Forms > ViralSweep Captcha.

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