Facebook Page Tab Installs Working Again

Facebook has fixed the bug with page tabs, and you can now install campaigns to a page tab again.

DDOS attack

UPDATE: This has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

There is an ongoing DDOS attack against our service at the moment.

We're working to mitigate the issue. Currently, if your campaign is embedded into your website, some customers may have trouble accessing it.

For the time being, you can send all traffic directly to a ViralSweep URL if customers are having issues entering your campaign. You can find this URL in your dashboard by clicking the install button on your campaign and then clicking direct link and grabbing the link to the full page style.

Facebook Page Tab Installs Not Working

Due to a bug with Facebook, trying to install a campaign on a Facebook Page Tab is currently not working for some users. Until Facebook resolves this bug, installing to a Facebook page tab may not work. This does not appear to effect any existing page tabs.

The bug report to Facebook can be seen here: https://developers.facebook.com/support/bugs/1978223865639904/

Payments Feature Updates

We've implemented an additional option to our payments feature which now lets you store credit cards for customers in your Stripe account without actually having to charge them up front to fill out your form.

To add this option, simply add the payments feature to your form, and select save card and charge later.

You still have the option to collect payments from users directly on your form as well.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can now enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account for added security. This feature is available on all accounts and can be accessed under Settings > Account.

You can use the Google Authenticator app or the Authy app to enable 2FA on your account. Each time you login with your email and password, you will be prompted for the 2FA code provided in your authenticator app.

Dashboard Updates

We've made another round of sweeping changes to the user dashboards. These changes include:

  • Mobile optimization (yes, dashboards now work on mobile!)
  • Less clutter, only the main features show on your campaign
  • Additional features can be accessed on your campaign via the More menu
  • Straight forward color naming scheme for campaigns:

Green = campaign is live

Purple = campaign is in test mode

Red = campaign is over

Blue = campaign is waiting to begin

Yellow = campaign is incomplete and needs attention

Yotpo Integration

ViralSweep now integrates with Yotpo, enabling our customers to get more product reviews through sweepstakes and contests using our Yotpo Review action.

Learn more: Yotpo Integration yotpo-integration-1.jpg

Sendgrid Integration

We've added a direct integration with Sendgrid, so you can now connect your campaigns directly to a Sendgrid list.

Learn more: Sendgrid Integration


Contest Gallery Share Links

You can now directly copy and share a link to a submission in any gallery. To add this feature to your campaign, simply go to:

Edit > Gallery > Allow Sharing > Direct Link

Once a user clicks the link icon in the gallery, it will automatically copy that submission URL to their clipboard for them to share.

Previously, you had to use one of the available options to share, whether it was via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email.


Poll Action


We've just rolled out a new Poll Action that you can add to your promotion under Social Actions > Poll.

The Poll action will allow users to participate in a poll, while being able to earn entries and even see the live results after they vote.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely ViralSweep will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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