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Podcast Subscribe Action


We've just added a new Podcast subscribe action. If you have a podcast on iTunes, you can now ask people to subscribe to your podcast. Since there is no way for us to know if the user actually subscribes due to the iTunes API not providing us with this information, we award the entry when the user clicks to go to iTunes.

If the user already has iTunes installed on their device, it will launch iTunes. If iTunes is not installed, they will be taken to the podcast page on the iTunes website where they will then be prompted to install iTunes.

Share via Facebook Messenger


You can now share campaigns directly to Facebook Messenger on both desktop and mobile devices. When adding the share action you will see a checkbox for allowing sharing through Facebook Messenger.

For entrants, they will see the Facebook Messenger icon when they click the share action:

On desktop this will open Facebook and allow them to select friends to send the promotion to.

On mobile it will open the Facebook Messenger app if it is installed on the users phone. It will automatically populate the content of the URL it is sharing, and users just need to select friends to send it to.

Support for Instagram Galleries


On February 22, 2017, Instagram announced their new gallery feature that allows you to to add up to 10 photos or images into a single Instagram post. Any submissions to a contest on ViralSweep using an Instagram link will be able to support these new Instagram gallery media types.

Contest Submission Search


While on the moderate page for your contest, you can now search for photo or video submissions that your entrants have submitted just by typing in an email address.

Shopify Auto-Install


We just rolled out a nifty automatic install for Shopify users. You no longer need to mess around with any code for installing the full page or widget styles. For the lightbox, you'll still need to manually install this yourself.

Here's the new Shopify install process:

Choose the style you want to install and click the dropdown menu:

Choose Shopify from the dropdown menu, then click the Install button:

Type in a page name that you want to install to. This will create a new page, it will not install to an existing page:

That's it! Your promotion is now installed to your store:

Captcha on Contest Voting


We've just added a captcha feature to contest voting to help you conduct contests with more secure voting. Under your gallery settings, you can enable captcha under voting, and anytime a vote is cast, the captcha must be completed in order for the vote to count.

Partner Network Messaging


We've just rolled out in-app messaging to all users of our partner network. Instead of emailing each other outside of the network, you can now send messages to any of the brands you are connected to. This allows for easy collaboration, and you can even do group messaging allowing for multiple brands to talk together at once.

If you are in the partner network, you will see a new messages tab upon logging in to the ViralSweep dashboard:

Clicking on messages will reveal your inbox with any of the messages you currently have. Each message will show you what companies are communicating on that message as well.

Clicking on a message will reveal the message thread.

Working with multiple brands? You can even do group messaging:

Starting a new message is simple. Click "New Message" and we will reveal your contacts (you must already be matched in the network to contact someone).

Simply click on one or more contacts and it will add them to the message you are creating.

If you have any questions about messaging, or the partner network, let us know!

Leaderboards Feature


We've just released a new leaderboards feature on business and premium plans.

Using leaderboards on your sweepstakes or contests, you can now show users their rank, as well as the top leaders based on total entries or referrals.

Leaderboards will display at the top of the post-entry page after someone enters your promotion.

You can configure the leaderboard option when setting up a campaign. If you already have a campaign currently running, you can turn the leaderboard option on and it will automatically populate the leaderboard.

From the user side, they would see:

After clicking leaderboard, it will load the top leaders (you can choose how many you want to show):

Social Actions on Free Plan


Due to widespread abuse of our free plan, social actions are now limited to 1 social action per campaign when using the free plan. Current campaigns on the free plan are unaffected unless you try to add additional actions. You can upgrade to any paid plan to unlock unlimited social actions.

Multiple Languages


We've just rolled out our Multiple Languages feature to all premium plan users. This feature allows you to build one campaign, and serve that campaign in several different languages at one time.

To use this feature, simply hover your campaign and go to Options > Add Language. Please note: you cannot run an A/B tests and use the Multiple Language feature on the same campaign.

Once you begin adding languages to a campaign, they will appear in your dashboard below your original campaign:

From the user side, they would see:

And finally, when switching languages:

This feature allows you to do a lot of nifty things as well, like having separate images for each language, and even sending email notifications in different languages.

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