Contest Voting Updates

We've made a few updates to contest voting and corrected a few bugs:

  • When geo-targeting is active on a campaign, voting will now be locked down to whichever countries the contest is available in.

  • We fixed a bug with Captcha that sometimes would not allow you to vote after completing the Captcha.

  • We fixed a bug with Captcha that would require you to complete it more than once if you were collecting voter information.

Contest Voter Opt-In

We've added the ability for you to show an opt-in checkbox to contest voters when you are collecting their information. Text for the checkbox can be modified under the language section of the campaign.

Instant Win Losing Codes

We just rolled out a new feature on Instant Win promotions (specifically those using the unique codes option) to accommodate use cases where you want to require users to input a valid code in order to enter the Instant Win.

Previously, if you were running an Instant Win that awarded prizes based on unique codes, we allowed anyone to enter with any code, but only those with a winning code would be able to win.

Now, if you want to restrict entry to only those with a winning code or a losing code, you can now do so. We've added an optional Losing Codes box, where you can paste in losing codes.

Learn more here.

Deleting Entrants Bug

We have fixed an issue where if you deleted more than 20 entrants at a time, it would not load in new entrants for you to delete. Instead, the page would just be blank after you had deleted 20 entrants, and you would need to refresh the table to delete the next 20. We now will automatically update the table so you can continue deleting entrants without having to refresh the page.

Context added to bonus entries

We've pushed an update that adds some context to each individual bonus entry, as we previously only showed the numbers of points users can get for each action. Now users can understand how many points they get for each and if it can be done one time or daily.

Here is a side by side comparison, with the old style being on the left, and the new style being on the right. Take note of the text added to each bonus entry number.

Emarsys Integration

We've released an integration with Emarsys. You can now send all entries from your campaigns into your Emarsys account.

See our full Emarsys integration guide: Emarsys Integration

Contest Gallery Updates

We've pushed a few updates to contest galleries.

1) You can now decide how many photos or videos to display in the gallery by default. Previously, this was set to 12, but now you can display up to 96 at one time by default. The setting for this can be found under the gallery settings.

2) You can now choose how many images you want to display per row, up to a maximum of 5 per row. You can find this setting under the gallery settings.

3) We've fixed a bug with the height of the gallery which was defaulting to a set height, even when there were only a few images displaying.

4) We've made miscellaneous fixes to how the gallery displays and functions across devices.

Captcha added to entry forms

We've added captcha as an option on entry forms now, so you can now require users to complete a captcha before they can submit the form.

Instant win prizes tables

We've updated the winners section of Instant Win promotions with a prize table. This will allow you to quickly see a list of your prizes, how many you are giving away, how many have been won, and how many are still remaining.

Webhook update

We've updated the webhook feature to allow you to fire a webhook when someone re-enters a campaign (daily or weekly entry).

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