FOMO Integration

We've released an integration with FOMO. If you use FOMO on your store or website, then you know how powerful it is for social proof. With our new integration, you can automatically trigger FOMO notifications to appear on your website whenever your ViralSweep campaign receives a new entry.

See our full FOMO integration guide: FOMO integration

dotmailer Integration

We've released an integration with dotmailer. You can now send all entries from your campaigns into your dotmailer account.

See our full dotmailer integration guide: dotmailer Integration

Facebook Comments Action Depreciation

We are currently depreciating the Facebook Comments action as Facebook has started blocking usage of this feature for certain users at random. If Facebook resolves this issue the action will be brought back.

If your campaign currently is using the Facebook Comments action it will remain unaffected. However, this feature is no longer being offered for any new campaigns.

Updates to Preset Name Field

We've updated the preset "Name" field to allow you to collect first and last name, or just first name. In instances where you do not need to collect a last name and just want to pass the first name to your email marketing service, you can simply hide the last name field.

Facebook Like Action Depreciation

We are currently depreciating the Facebook Like action as Facebook has begun taking action against pages who are using the Like button on their sweepstakes and contests.

Even though ViralSweep has always complied with the Facebook platform and page policies by not incentivizing the Like or Share actions, we have still found instances where Facebook's algorithms have been removing Likes obtained from legitimate entrants, as they are flagging them as suspicious accounts.

For the time being, we are removing the Facebook Like button, and implementing a Facebook Visit Page action. Our analytics will now reflect the number of visits to your Facebook page, and not the number of Likes your page has received.

We've reached out to Facebook for comment on this to see if we can once again have our customers use the Like button on their campaigns without them removing Likes that have been obtained from sweepstakes or contests.

If your campaign currently is using Facebook Like it will remain unaffected. However, if you make any updates to your campaigns social actions, it will automatically transition the Facebook Like action to the to Facebook Visit action.

Formatting Features moved to Starter Plan

For any of our Starter Plan users, we've now included our formatting and styling features on your plan. To access them, simply edit your campaign or start a new one, on the left side click customize then choose formatting.

You now have the ability to do the following:

  • Change widths of the entry forms
  • Change image positions on desktop and mobile devices
  • Change frequency of the lightbox appearing
  • Set the lightbox to use exit intent
  • Change button colors
  • Change text direction (LTR or RTL)

Referral Links Passed to Active Campaign

We will now pass referral links to Active Campaign. This information will show up for the user under their profile as 'Refer URL'.

Verification for Twitter Actions

We've implemented Twitter OAuth across the three Twitter Actions we support: Tweet, Follow, and Retweet.

Currently, there is no way to verify a user has completed an action on Twitter as their API no longer will tell us if a user has tweeted, followed your page, or retweeted a tweet. We award bonus points only when a user clicks on the button to Tweet, Follow, or Retweet.

With Twitter OAuth now implemented, you have the ability to verify the user has fully completed the intended action on Twitter.

To enable this, you will simply choose to verify the action when setting it up in the backend:

When the user goes to perform a Twitter action it will ask them to login to Twitter and authorize the ViralSweep app, then they would complete the action and we can verify it has been done.

Twitter will only ask them to authorize our app one time, in the future it becomes a 1-click action to Tweet, Follow, or Retweet.

Referral Links Passed to Klaviyo

We will now pass users referral links to Klaviyo. This information will show up for the user under the custom properties section.

Dashboard Updates

Today we are rolling out a variety of updates and improvements to the dashboard.

1) Any campaigns over 30 days old are now archived. We will no longer load all campaigns every time you login to your dashboard, thus improving your dashboard speed. To see all your ended campaigns, simply click the button below your most recently ended campaign to expand them all.

2) You can now view your entry data by more than just 20 entrants at a time. At the bottom of the entrants dashboard you can show 20, 50, or 100 per page.

3) On the campaign setup page, help tips will now be collapsed off to the side, and will come into view when you hover over them. This allows for less clutter and more space on the page when setting up your promotion.

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