Instagram Follow Action Change

For quite some time the Instagram Follow action has been a visit based action, as we cannot track when a user follows you on Instagram per the 2016 Instagram API change.

However, we never made updates to the action to indicate this, which has caused confusion.

We've now modified the action to change the wording to make it clear that this is a visit based action. This change will take effect on all newly created campaigns.

Twitter Tweet Daily Entry Removed

We've removed the Twitter Tweet daily entry option in order to comply with Twitter's new policy changes, announced on February 21, 2018. Newly created campaigns will no longer have the option of allowing users to tweet daily.

Contest Voting Time Frames

We've added a new feature that will allow you to select start and end times specifically for contest voting. Previously you had to manually turn contest voting on and off, but now you can set a specific date and time for contest voting to begin and end. You will find this option under the Voting section of your contest.

Contest Gallery Image Rotation

We've added a new feature that will allow you to rotate images that users upload to your contest.

To access this feature, simply go to Entrants > Moderate, click on any photo and click to rotate it left or right. This feature is especially useful when users upload images that appear sideways in your gallery.


Added support for Captcha Themes

We've now added support for both the light and dark captcha themes.

Upload Photo Action Export

If you add the Upload Photo action to your sweepstakes, you can now export all the photos that are uploaded by clicking the Export Photos button under the entrants tab.

Changes to multiple user access

We've now added our multiple user feature into the Business Plan, where you can add up to 2 users to your account with role permissions (admin, editor, view only). To access this, go to Account Settings > User Management.

Currently, the Starter Plan offers no additional users, the Business Plan offers two additional users, and the Premium Plan offers unlimited additional users.

Contest Photo Exports

We've made an update to our photo export system for contests. We will now generate zip files on the fly and allow you to immediately download all the photos from your contest without the need for contacting us to obtain your export.

If you have a contest that exceeds 1,000+ photos, you will receive a notification to contact us to receive your export.

Contest Voting Updates

We've made a few updates to contest voting and corrected a few bugs:

  • When geo-targeting is active on a campaign, voting will now be locked down to whichever countries the contest is available in.

  • We fixed a bug with Captcha that sometimes would not allow you to vote after completing the Captcha.

  • We fixed a bug with Captcha that would require you to complete it more than once if you were collecting voter information.

Contest Voter Opt-In

We've added the ability for you to show an opt-in checkbox to contest voters when you are collecting their information. Text for the checkbox can be modified under the language section of the campaign.

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