Verification for Twitter Actions

We've implemented Twitter OAuth across the three Twitter Actions we support: Tweet, Follow, and Retweet.

Currently, there is no way to verify a user has completed an action on Twitter as their API no longer will tell us if a user has tweeted, followed your page, or retweeted a tweet. We award bonus points only when a user clicks on the button to Tweet, Follow, or Retweet.

With Twitter OAuth now implemented, you have the ability to verify the user has fully completed the intended action on Twitter.

To enable this, you will simply choose to verify the action when setting it up in the backend:

When the user goes to perform a Twitter action it will ask them to login to Twitter and authorize the ViralSweep app, then they would complete the action and we can verify it has been done.

Twitter will only ask them to authorize our app one time, in the future it becomes a 1-click action to Tweet, Follow, or Retweet.

Referral Links Passed to Klaviyo

We will now pass users referral links to Klaviyo. This information will show up for the user under the custom properties section.

Dashboard Updates

Today we are rolling out a variety of updates and improvements to the dashboard.

1) Any campaigns over 30 days old are now archived. We will no longer load all campaigns every time you login to your dashboard, thus improving your dashboard speed. To see all your ended campaigns, simply click the button below your most recently ended campaign to expand them all.

2) You can now view your entry data by more than just 20 entrants at a time. At the bottom of the entrants dashboard you can show 20, 50, or 100 per page.

3) On the campaign setup page, help tips will now be collapsed off to the side, and will come into view when you hover over them. This allows for less clutter and more space on the page when setting up your promotion.

Collect Contest Voter Information

You can now collect voter information when running a contest. To access this option, edit your contest and go to your gallery settings to turn this feature on. You are able to ask for email, or name and email in order for someone to register their vote.

To download the data from those who vote, simply hover over your campaign in your ViralSweep dashboard, and go to Entrants > Moderate. On the top right hand side click on Voter Log to export the data.

Sales Tracking

We've just released a new sales tracking feature that will allow you to track sales from people who enter your sweepstakes or contests.

See our Sales Tracking documentation: Sales Tracking

Drip Integration

We've released an integration with Drip from Leadpages. You can now send all entries from your sweepstakes and contests into your Drip account.

In addition, we allow you to tag your entrants so you can pass them into your Drip account with the appropriate tags.

See our full Drip integration guide: Drip Integration

Facebook Custom Link Previews Removed

On June 28, 2017 Facebook announced that they would remove the ability to customize previews that are attached to Facebook shares (see the announcement here).

In this case, customizing the headline, description, and image of a Facebook Share, like ViralSweep allows you to do, is no longer possible. From now on, Facebook simply relies on the open graph meta tags that are on your URL.

We are removing the ability to customize a Facebook Share since this no longer works through the Facebook API. You will no longer see this option under the "Share with Friends" action.

When users share your promotion, they will either see:

  • Title and description of your promotion, as well as the image you uploaded to the promotion.


  • If you embed this into your own site/page, Facebook will fetch the open graph meta tags from that page and serve up the title, description, and image on that page. Be sure to update your OG meta tags on whichever page you embed the promotion into so that Facebook pulls the proper content related to your promotion.

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

We've released an integration with Facebook Lead Ads that will allow you to send leads from Facebook right into ViralSweep.

Read our blog post for more information on this new feature:

Messaging Attachments

We've just rolled out the ability to add attachments with your messages when you are using the messaging system to communicate with partners. This will allow you to share any images or assets with partners you are building campaigns with.

Auto Login URL's

We just released a new parameter for our email notifications:


You can use this parameter in your email notifications and it will provide the entrant with a link that when clicked, automatically recognizes that they have already entered and it will show them the post-entry page.

Why is this a powerful feature?

Currently, we already know if a user has entered your campaign based on cookies. So for example, if they enter your campaign on their desktop computer, then come back to the page 3 days later, it will still show them the post-entry page.

However, say they entered from their desktop computer, then a day later opened up the email app on their iPhone and clicked the link in the email notification you sent them. Prior to having this feature, we could not recognize the user had entered. We would show them the entry form again and they would need to fill it out to get to the post-entry page.

With [AUTO_ LOGIN _URL] added to your email notification, the link will automatically recognize the user has already entered, and it will show them the post-entry page, no matter which device they visit the link from!

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